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Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.
4K Disc Released
December 4, 2018
HDR10 | Dolby Vision
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Auro 11.1 | DTS (DTS: X) | Dolby Digital | Dolby Atmos | Dolby Surround 7.1 | IMAX 6-Track | 12-Track Digital Sound | Sonics-DDP | SDDS
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2.39 : 1
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The entire sequel has had an impressive run so far. Initially, after starting off with the first movie which resulted to be a pretty good one, the second one impressed the box office even more.

Mission: Impossible series is based on American action films created by Bruce Geller, which released in 1996 and was distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film series was directed by 5 different directors, Christopher McQuarrie becoming the latest addition who directed the last 2 films of the sequel. Tom Cruise, who was not only the co-producer alongside Jake Myers and Christopher McQuarrie of “Mission: Impossible-Fallout” but also has been the leading character with the title “Ethan Hunt”, an agent of the IMF (Impossible Missions Force). The total budgeted for the 6 films were approximately $830 Million, from which $178 Million was invested for Fallout which got released in July 2018.

Cruise strikes yet again, Fallout most certainly was the best film in the series till date and was one of the best action films of the previous year.

Movie Review:

The entire sequel has had an impressive run so far. Initially, after starting off with the first movie which resulted to be a pretty good one, the second one impressed the box office even more. The third movie was not really up to the mark, but with Ghost Protocol, the series took a rebirth and Rogue Nation was possibly the best one of the sequel which automatically raised the expectations of the viewers for M:I-Fallout and as it stands, Mission: Impossible- Fallout did not fail to live up to the expectations. Fallout is most certainly the best film among the Mission: Impossible series to date.  With renowned superstars from the previous films, Fallout is able to start growing without having to establish a background story which could have amused the viewers. Without watching Rogue Nation, It will be impossible for viewers to understand why every decision that was taken by the figures was vital and to show them as important and fascinating individuals. It is highly recommended in order to enjoy “M:I-Fallout”, you are in touch with the previous Mission: Impossible movie during recent times. It has to be one of the best action films of the previous year; the reason being the steady speed the movie moves along and the story is top-notch which prevents from having a tedious moment.  

The film’s main cast stars Tom Cruise, Henry Cavil, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Sean Harris, Angela Bassett, Michelle Monoghan, Alec Baldwin and everyone among the crew members tried doing whatever it took for them to give the audience a thrilling experience just the way they have been doing from the start of the Mission: Impossible Series.

Story Line (Reviewer’s Take):

On the quest to recover stolen plutonium, Cruise chose to save his friends by retreating from the mission, which resulted in falling into the possession of an evil group of experienced professionals intending on demolishing the civilization. With everything at risk, the entire IMF team was left with no other options than to work with Henry Cavill who was a CIA agent as they went on the hunt to prevent the nuclear threat before time ran out. This film has got a much more vigorous and complicated emotive curve than the other films of the sequel. The story deals with its unavoidable issues of global demolition with proper sources and probability. There were plenty of new attempts undertaken by McQuarrie which has never been aimed so many times in the earlier films of the series, which he quite cunningly managed to do. Ie: Trapping Cruise by the scale instead of freeing him with the use of it. The soundtracks and tunes by Lorne Balfe helped bring in a vivid and strong image in front of the audience, adding to the sentimental capability of the film which results in helping the film live up to its expectations and goals. The film might have a few sets of flaws, but all things considered, I feel not only is this just the best Mission: Impossible till date but also one of the best action Thrillers I got to witness over the years.  

The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

Close to 80% of the entire movie was directed and shot on 35mm film, on the other hand not many IMAX sequences that are shot with the help of digital or computer technology at resolutions past 4K. In order to capture every single little detail on the disc, the usage of 4K digital intermediate was involved alongside having a Dolby Vision transfer. There is not enough usage of excessive HDR which assists it to prevent immoderate film grain noise that might take place in titles. While shifting to IMAX, it degrades from 2.40 to 1.90 in terms of the aspect ratio and the transparency of the film makes a huge leap. The IMAX series are generally remarkable, with flawless clarity, screen resolution, color contrast, and currently, are some of the best 4K substances during recent times.

Picture Quality: (4 Stars out of 5)

Through statistics and visual experience, it can be suggested that Fallout 4K Blu-ray failed to live up to expectations considering the film’s big budget pedigree.  Given the quality of some of the 4K Blu-rays distributed by Paramount, hopes were definitely high and that Fallout 4K Blu-ray would be a treat to everyone’s eyes especially as it joined forces with Dolby Vision master alongside the HDR10. Even though the picture quality was highly disappointing, the other parts fully satisfied my wants. Given that Paramount has involved the IMAX related assets in the 4K Blu ray master which got properly noticed during the skydiving and helicopter chasing scenes. For beginners, degrees of details in the IMAX series are massive, resulting from filming on 8K Panasonic Digital Cameras which brings out the tiniest textures or dirt in clothing, change in facial expression and imperfection in the helicopter scenes over the mountains. The degree to which the immaculate 4K covers every single little detail does make these IMAX sequence extra-ordinary.   

Audio/Sound Quality: – (4 Stars out of 5)

The Dolby Atmos tracks found on both the 4K and HD Blu-rays is a treat for the senses, working through every bit of your sound system which is pretty mesmerizing. The tracks, for beginners, are way too much to handle and your subwoofer would barely get time to rest, supporting both the energetic score and, of course, the film’s almost never-ending action sequences with extraordinarily profound but also minimal bass. When I referred to the term ‘Varied’, it is that the level and intensity of the bass isn’t largely stagnant like it can be with fewer variables. Instead, the flowing makes it always feel like a flawless fit. The bass does not overpower the rest of the track, either way; you always get sufficient amount. Certain effects are introduced all around the three-dimensional Dolby Atmos tracks with constant aggressiveness and creativity. The environment and nearby channels are rarely snubbed, capturing you within a convincing circle of three-dimensional sound that invests immensely to the film’s effect. This results in leading to people watching Fallout using just fragile TV speakers to struggle and to understand why so many people are left in awe. The fairly extreme use of the results and extensive dynamic range may, I suspect, pose a heavy threat to any medium of speaker which is less than pretty heavy-duty speaker systems.

Special Features: (4 Stars out of 5)

This consists of extra features alongside assisting the film on the 4K Blu-ray disc, such as; 3 commentary tracks. The first one which was covered by McQuarrie and Cruise is by far the best one if you had to compare, especially because of the liveliness and passion which is carried forward by Cruise which remains sustainable throughout the entire time. The aspect that Cruise is not just an actor but the producer as well results in helping the flow of information having plenty of other alternatives. The other commentary track by Lorne Balfe who was also the composer is pretty amusing as well because of different reasons. The last commentary featuring McQuarrie and Eddie Hamilton who was also the editor is comparatively less vibrant. However, it still adds plenty of other details for viewers to sink into which requires more focus. Another extra feature which is added to the 4K disc is the opportunity to watch the entire movie followed by the audio tracks. This actually gives the chance for viewers to appreciate Balfe’s work here in terms of the audio. The rest of the features can be found on normal Blu-ray disc which still continues to impress the box office which consists of a 54-minute documentary entertaining the viewers.

The Final Verdict:-

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is an amazing thriller which suited perfectly on 4K Blu-ray by hours of extra features and a remarkable Dolby Atmos audio clip. The only question could be: Can the Mission: Impossible series get any better? This is the best movie in the entire series and the fact it is in 4k only enhances the experience.

Unfortunately, the non-IMAX sectors that make up a huge chunk of the movie often don’t look as striking. But don’t let that take you back as it is a complete experience for the senses back up by an amazing story that will leave you wanting for more.